I'm Gareth Morgan, a Graphic Designer!

I have a real passion for helping other businesses fulfil their potential. I feel a company can do this by having an eyecatching brand, applying it successfully across all marketing materials and making sure a concise strategy is adhered to for online and offline marketing.

I’ve now been in the industry for over 10 years and I’ve seen things change a lot. Certainly the move from adverts in magazines to changing budgets for AdWords is the most common change I have seen.

For the personal stuff, I have 4 children, I live in North Lincolnshire, I have clients nationwide which is great. Being self-employed gives me fantastic flexibility to be a huge part of my children’s lives, writing this at 1am is pretty typical for me as I am usually tweaking keywords, setting up items for print, scheduling posts or writing blogs for my clients at this time of night. I am made for self employment, it’s a challenge, but one I love and always have.

I’ve been through the trends of design businesses simply trying to sell a certain number of websites a month. I believe this is no longer needed. Just launching a site and leaving it won’t ever gain your company new business. Updating it regularly and setting targets will!

My involvement with my monthly clients ranges from being an in-house marketing manager. This can be for days a week or even an hour a month. What I offer can really save your business time and get you doing the things you want to do more.

Ask yourself, is there anything you hate doing in your business, such as posting on your social media. Setting up flyers for print, creating brochures or even trying to get your website up Google. Work with me on a monthly basis and I guarantee to save you time to concentrate on what you want yo be doing in your business.

Contact me anytime of day, call, text, WhatsApp 07540 293416, I’m here to help!