Client Review: Angela Powell

Angela Powell Property Management have now been trading for over 25 years and have a fantastic reputation for their top customer service.

Having built a business based on referrals and a long standing quality reputation, I was asked to assist on a monthly basis to get the company name Angela Powell in front of more people. The lettings industry is very competitive, not only in North Lincolnshire, but throughout the country so there is a lot of competition for their preferred search terms.

We work all through the month, using old school techniques as well as some Google AdWords to target terms. For example, search on Google ‘Letting Agent North Lincolnshire’ and Angela Powell will be top organically.

Promoting on social media, running competitions, changing adverts in magazines and much more is exactly what I love to do. I’ll always be grateful to Angela Powell for the recommendations they provide me ad a company and the opportunity to work with them.

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